Mass & Sacraments

Return to the public Celebration of Mass and the Sacraments

Effective from 29th June 2020

It is with great joy that we are permitted once again to celebrate Public Mass. The safety and health of parishioners is of paramount importance and therefore, in accordance with Government norms and the Framework Document issued by the Irish Bishops’ Conference, The following applies in St Peter’s Parish.

We encourage the wearing of face masks while attending Church Services. However, it is not compulsory.

1. The dispensation from the Sunday and Holy Day obligation continues.
2. Mass times are as they were prior to the Pandemic.
3. All Masses are broadcast live by parish webcam on the parish website, and also on
4. People who are vulnerable or unwell, and especially those with any symptoms that might suggest Covid-19 infection, should stay at home. The same applies to those who have been in recent contact with someone who has the virus, in accordance with public health advice.
5. A Covid-19 Support Team has been put in place in both St Peter’s and Our Lady of Lourdes Churches to prepare for and implement the return to public Mass.
6. Stewards are available at all Masses to assist. Please cooperate with them.
7. Please use the hand sanitisers as you enter the church. Both Government and Church leaders strongly recommend the wearing of face coverings in church settings, though this is not obligatory.
8. Signage is in place in both churches. Regular cleaning and sanitising takes place. The Parish has acquired an electric ULV fogging machine for the sanitising of seats and frequently-used areas.
9. St Peter’s and Our Lady of Lourdes Churches, being so large, can accommodate a large number of people within the various sections, while honouring social distancing (currently two metres) and Government/ public health norms and restrictions. There is no ticketing system.
10. Some seats are cordoned off. The specific part of seat which may be used is marked by a praying hands sticker. Only this part of the seat may be used, facilitating social distancing and assisting in our cleaning. Those from the same household can sit together, while those who come to Mass alone require a place to themselves. Designated seats are available for Ministers of the Word and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion on the sanctuary for the duration of Mass.
11. Holy Water fonts are not used. The Sign of Peace is omitted
12. The Sunday collection is taken up at the church entrances and exits.
13. Priests and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion sanitise their hands both before and after the distribution of Communion, and wear a face-covering while distributing Communion.
14. Holy Communion is distributed to people in their seats. Where someone is seated in the middle of the pew (Our Lady of Lourdes Church), the person or persons at the end of the pew in the middle aisle briefly step out of the seat to allow the person or persons in the middle of the pew to receive Holy Communion, if they are receiving.
15. Holy Communion may be received on the hand only. Everyone should exercise care to ensure there is no hand or finger contact between priest or Eucharistic Minister, and the person receiving.
16. Parishioners are asked to observe Government and public health norms and restrictions at all times, and to be mindful of social distancing when leaving the Church.
17. Memorial Masses for those who died during the time of no public Mass, Month’s Mind Masses and First Anniversaries may be held, for the time being, on a weekday evening in either church.